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Isolation Switch Failure Causes and Treatments


Isolation switch malfunctions. After disconnecting the switch electrical operation, first check the operation for errors, and then check the power supply circuit, power supply circuit is intact, the fuse is broken or loose, the electrical lock circuit is normal, the small switch in the terminal box, the handle is in Normal position.
The isolation switch is hot. If the isolation switch overheats, it is necessary to immediately apply for a schedule to reduce the load. In case of severe overheating, the available bypass circuit breaker can be switched over for the wiring with the bypass circuit breaker; for the double busbar connection, the other isolating switch can be closed, and then the isolating switch with overheating defect can be opened.
If you need to disable the heating isolation switch and may cause power outages and cause losses, you should use live work to repair, do the parts tightly. At this point if you still do not eliminate the heat, you can use the method of connecting the short circuit, temporarily short-circuit isolation switch.
The isolation switch is not closed or the three phases are not synchronized. Isolation switch closing is not in place. Most of them are caused by corrosion, jamming, and unadjusted commissioning of inspection and adjustment. The isolation switch can be opened again, and can also be adjusted with an insulating rod. If necessary, it is necessary to apply for blackout processing. When the three-phase disconnecting and closing of the isolation switch is not in place or out of synchronization, the maintenance personnel shall be informed of the maintenance and repair.
For disconnect welding contact deformation, insulation cracking, severe discharge, etc., it is necessary to immediately apply for blackout processing, and monitoring should be strengthened before blackout processing.
Porcelain insulators are severely damaged. Porcelain insulators drop out of caps. They are used for breakdown, explosion, and edge welding. They should be immediately powered down or live. If it is found that the insulator is broken, it should be quickly isolated from the system and safety measures should be taken.
If the remote can not operate, check the control loop.
When disconnecting switch and grounding isolation switch cannot be operated mechanically, the operator shall perform the following checks: whether the mechanical locking between the isolation switch and the grounding isolation switch is unlocked; whether the components of the mechanical transmission part are obviously loose, damaged, jammed or Deformation and other phenomena; whether the static and dynamic contacts are deformed and blocked.
When the isolation switch mechanical failure, the operator should restore the isolation switch to the operating state before the operation, and notify the professional to deal with.
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